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The unparalleled landscape of Santorini and its history and culture – going back to the third millennium BC, bind the traveler’s experience like a fine thread adding meaning, depth and multiplying the “wow” factor in every activity. Whether relaxing on the beach, sipping cocktails and dancing with a view of the Caldera, or roaming the archaeological sites and fine shopping areas, Santorini takes your experience to a whole new level. To start you off on the right foot, we created a list of the top-8 things-to-do and places-to-see in Santorini. Enjoy!

01. Watch the sunset from Oia

Whether you are an incurable romantic or a connoisseur of the finer things in life, watching the sunset from the ruins of Agios Nikolaos castle will carry you away as the sky becomes a palette of colors crowing the breathtaking view of the volcano and the vast, open sea.

02. Swim at astonishing Black Beach

Black Beach is a perfect example of a rare volcanic beach and one of the most photographed ones in Santorini. Feast your eyes on the black sand, and their stark contrast to the deep blue waters, a magnificent and overwhelming, yet beautiful landscape. Whether you want to read a book and enjoy the Greek sun or make water sports, Black beach can satisfy even the most demanding travellers. 

03. Eat at a traditional Taverna at Perissa

Needless to say, enjoying as much of Greek cuisine as your appetite can handle during your stay, is a must. Find yourself a small place by the beach to relish the aromas and flavors of local produce as they shine through every plate. In Perissa you will be able to choose among several bars and taverns to add traditional or modern tastes in your vacations.

04. Explore an Archaeological Excavation Site

Don’t miss the chance to walk in what seems more like an ancient city standing and less like a prehistoric archaeological site. Whether you choose to wander Akrotiri’s alleys alone or follow a guided tour, the 1700 BC settlement is well worth your time.

05. Visit world awarded wineries

Courtesy of the rich volcanic soil, Santorini boasts a long tradition in wine making and is home to several exceptional wineries. No better way to sample as many varieties as you can and indulge in local delicacies than booking a tour and tasting.

06. Go cliff jumping at Ammoudi Bay

If you are an adrenaline lover or just after a lifetime experience, make your way to Ammoudi. It is a small quaint port with tavernas, crystal clear waters ideal for swimming, and a path to the dazzling Oia cliff face if you are up for thrills and a jump into the sea.

07. Have a romantic dinner overlooking the Caldera

Have your pick of fine restaurants and bars overlooking the striking caldera – the result of a volcanic eruption in the Minoan times. Take in the amazing view and let the aura of the place shape the conversation over a local wine and outstanding food.

08. Shop at Atlantis books in Oia

One of the hidden treasures of Santorini, Atlantis bookshop will compensate you for making the effort to track it down. It is a small, magical place of distinct character and it is worth a visit. Be forewarned, it is very difficult to leave empty-handed.


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